Film Club Terms and Conditions


Welcome to The Roxy Film Club. The Film Club is our way of saying thank you to the many loyal supporters of the Roxy and having some fun. To keep it fun and sustainable, we have some rules to follow which we hope you understand. If you don’t, please send us an email to These terms and conditions are taken as accepted by anyone participating in the Film Club. 

1. Roxy Cinema reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice. Up to date terms and conditions will be posted on our website. 

2. Roxy Cinema reserves the right to terminate with immediate effect and without compensation, membership to the Film Club for any breaches of these terms and conditions. Unredeemed rewards will be cancelled on membership termination. 

3. You reserve the right to no longer be a member at any time. Just send an email to Unredeemed rewards will be cancelled on membership termination. 

4. Membership is available for any age, but anyone under 18years must have parental or guardian approval. 

5. Membership is for an individual, i.e. not a couple, company, group or family. 

6. Certain information about members will be collected and held by The Roxy as part of the enrollment process and may be requested from time to time from members. We agree to not share or sell this information to anyone outside the Film Club programme. However we reserve the right to publish the name of any competition winners. We take no responsibility for any information posted by any member on the Film Club Members Closed Group FaceBook site. 

7. It is the member’s obligation to inform us of any changes to the member’s enrollment information. Members warrant that the information they provide is true and correct. 

8. An individual member will be issued with a Club Card which is non-transferable. 

9. Members must show their own validly held Club Card at time of purchase of ticket or collection of ticket if booked online, to get card stamped in order to accumulate rewards. 

10. Only one stamp will be issued per Club Card per visit even if that member buys more than one ticket for a screening. 

11. Stamps will not be issued for tickets that are complimentary, $1 mystery screenings, charity screenings or externally run film festivals, private hires, fundraisers and other films where The Roxy is host only. 

12. Stamp are to be collected for a 12month period commencing from date of issue of Club Card. After that time, membership reverts to Bronze level starting again with zero stamps. 

13. Photo ID may be requested as proof of correct user of Club Card, for proof of birthday and for redemption of any rewards, benefits or prizes. 

14. Member offers and rewards will be emailed from time time and/or posted on the Members Closed Group Facebook site. Members are to follow all instructions sent in order to claim a reward or offer. 

15. Rewards and offers are subject to availability and the Roxy Cinema reserves the right to amend any rewards and offers, and to amend the benefits attributable to any class of membership for any reason and at any time without liabilty. 

16. Rewards, benefits and offers are personal to the member, not transferable, exchangeable nor redeemable for cash and are deemed to have no monetary value. Membership will terminate immediately upon a member’s death. 

17. Members are not entitled to compensation in the event of any technical difficulties which may effect ability to take advantage of a reward, prize, offer or to obtain a stamp.

18. In the event of a lost card, a member may be able to request a new card at current level they have attained (The Roxy tracks each members current level), starting again with zero stamps. The Roxy Cinema is under no obligation to keep a record of stamps accumulated on any Club Card. 

19. The Roxy Cinema’s decision on all matters relating to a competition, benefit, reward, prize or offer is final. 

20. Rewards and benefits may not be redeemed in conjunction with any other promotional offer. 

21. The Roxy Cinema reserves the right to terminate the Roxy Film Club programme at any time and for any reason without liability. Members will be given 30 days in which to redeem any rewards accumulated, subject to availabilty. Unredeemed rewards will be cancelled at that time. 

22. Neither the Roxy Cinema nor affilitaed businesses nor any of our staff or our legal entites make any warranty or respresentation nor take any responsibility or liability as to the quality or suitability of any rewards, prizes, offers or benefits including any discontinuance, quality or suitability of any service, reward, prize, offer or benefit from any third party. 

23. This contract is governed by the laws of New Zealand.