We have two different cinemas to choose from:

Cinema 1 (C1)  = 164 seats or 100 seats options

Cinema 2 (C2) = 55 seats


We hire our cinemas for fundraisers frequently and have special fundraiser rates and session times depending on which time of day you choose. You can set your selling price at any point you like, although most groups usually set somewhere between $25-$30 per ticket.


Times Available:


Monday:         6:30pm

Tuesday:         6:30pm

Wednesday:   6:00pm or 8:15pm

Wednesday – Friday before 4:30pm


Terms & Conditions:

A non-refundable 50% deposit is payable on confirmation of your fundraiser.

Balance payment terms are 7 days prior to your function unless by prior agreement.

You will be obliged to pay full costs if cancelled within 48 hours of your function.

Personal cheques are only accepted by prior agreement.

We reserve the right to charge a $50 admin fee to cover costs for cancelled fundraisers if the 50% deposit not yet paid.

All posters (printed or digital), social media event pages & any use of the Roxy Logo must be cleared through your contact here at The Roxy.

Any printed poster campaigns used in the City and surrounds must be run through a company like Phantom Billstickers or have sign off from the individual businesses the posters are displayed in.

All other Roxy Cinema Terms and Conditions are implied


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my own film? This is a tricky one as we need to break down the question a little. First did you make the film and own the copyright on it? If yes then what group are you fundraising for, if no group then this would be a private hire instead and I can put you in contact with our private hire team. If no then we would need to find who owns the film and if it has a New Zealand distributor as well as a cinema quality version of the film ready to be screened and finally make sure it has a NZ rating for theatrical exhibition. Here at The Roxy we have a flat $200 + GST fee for sourcing a film outside of the new releases on offer.

Are older films available? Yes older films are available and like the ‘own film’ question we charge a flat $200 +GST fee to cover the extra costs of sourcing the older film. Please note in our experience most fundraisers that have selected an older film have often struggled to sell all the tickets so we recommend going with a new release.

Can I bring my own food & drink? The only offsite food & drink allowed to be brought in are small lolly bags. (strictly no lollipops, no wrapped candy, no popcorn, no chippies) The Roxy reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if the cinema is left in a overly dirty state after the film finishes.

Can the Roxy supply food & drinks? Yes for fundraisers we offer a discounted deal of Popcorn Tubs, beer/wine/non-alcoholic beverages and Choc Top Ice Creams. These are only available pre-purchased ahead of the event at either 164 / 100 (C1) or 55 (C2) total units.

Can I get printed tickets? For every fundraiser we can create if requested a printable JPEG file that contains the details of your fundraiser. We pass this onto you once 50% of the invoice has been paid.

Can the Roxy print the tickets for us? We can organise our local printer to print and cut tickets for you, but we will have to pass this charge on you.

Where do I setup on the night? If you hire Cinema 1 we will setup a table upstairs in the Grand Lobby. If you hire Cinema 2 we will setup a leaner in the main lobby. You are more than welcome to setup from an hour before your fundraiser.

Can I run a raffle? Yes, we can even delay the start of the film (pending start time of the film following) to give you time to give away the prizes.

Can The Roxy contribute to the raffle? Yes if you are running a raffle the Roxy will contribute 2x complimentary passes to use as a prize on the night.

Can I move cinemas? Yes if given enough time and there isn’t a clash with another event or the programming isn’t already done for that week we can move to either a bigger or smaller cinema.

Can I run a fundraiser outside of the times listed above? No sorry these are the only times we run fundraiser screenings, but I can pass you onto the private hire team if you are interested.

What I we select the 100 seat option for Cinema 1, but sell over 100 tickets? This is fine The Roxy will just charge a flat $15 incl. GST per ticket for any tickets over the 100 seats.


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