Pop n' Choc

First we bought you  Roxy OnDemand… now we’re bringing you the movie snacks to go with it! 

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly popped cinema popcorn, or the first mouth-watering crunch into a tasty choc top ice cream. 

Introducing… Pop n’ Choc! A collaboration with our friends at Karma. It’s our very own movie night snack bag, containing cinema snack favourites! 

Our Pop n’ Choc snack bag includes a vanilla choc top ice cream, freshly popped salted pop corn and your choice of Karma drink. 

So next time you head onto Roxy OnDemand, remember to pick up a Pop n’ Choc snack bag from The Roxy to help you create your own cinema experience at home. 

Our Pop n’ Choc snack bags are available for pick up only from The Roxy, anytime during opening hours. Just pop in, and we’ll make up your snack bag on the spot! 

Pop n' Choc Single – $15 (1 popcorn, 1 choc top ice cream & 1 Karma drink) 
Pop n' Choc Couple – $28 (2 popcorns, 2 choc top ice creams & 2 Karma drinks)