Terror-Fi Film Festival 2020

Terror-Fi is back!

Celebrate the very best horror, thriller and sci-fi films from around the world, from 28 October to 2 November at The Roxy. This year’s line-up includes 11 Premieres - with 10 New Zealand Premieres! 

We have three huge blockbuster premieres for you to enjoy. POSSESSOR, starring Angela Riseborough (Mandy), is the new mind-bending sci-fi horror from Brandon Cronenberg – son of legendary filmmaker David Cronenberg. Following on their smash indie hit The Endless, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead bring us the wild time-travel ride that is SYNCHORNIC, starring Jamie Dornan (50 Shades of Grey) and Anthony Mackie (Marvel Universe’s Falcon). And from the producers of Get Out and Us comes ANTEBELLUM, a truly unique take on U.S. history with a star turns from Janelle Monáe (Moonlight) and Jena Malone (The Hunger Games series).

The sensational Russian sci-fi SPUTNIK opens the festival, with an exclusive Wellington premiere screening – not to be missed! We’re also excited to bring you the New Zealand Premiere of the new Kiwi horror REUNION, starring Julia Ormond and shot right here in Wellington!

It wouldn’t be Terror-Fi with some incredible indie gems to discover, all of which you’ll be the first to see. There’s the hilarious sci-fi comedy horror PSYCHO GOREMAN, the spine-tinglingly creepy SATOR, rideshare slaughter-fest SPREE, twisted buddy horror RENT-A-PAL, and intense road trip thriller ALONE.

As if that wasn’t enough, Terror-Fi is also hosting its first documentary, the NZ Premiere of CLAPBOARD JUNGLE, an insightful look into what it takes to a genre filmmaker. The film will be followed by an exclusive filmmaking masterclass with local and international guests.

Terror-Fi tickets will go sale Friday 2nd October following our special screening of EVENT HORIZON, but festival badges are on sale now! Click on the below posters to be taken to each film page for full synopses and ticketing links when they go live.

Ticket prices for the Terror-Fi Film Festival:

Adults: $15.00
Film Society: $12.50
Industry Guilds: $12.50
Students: $12:.50
Seniors (65+): $12.50

$1.50 Booking Fee per ticket applies to online & in house box office sales

Helpful booking tips when booking multiple films:

   - After you select get to 'Personal Details' page click 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' this will take you back to the main page, but will hold that current ticket in the basket.
  - Go into next TERROR-FI film you want to buy tickets for and do the same.
   - Repeat until you have got tickets for each film then put in your personal details and click 'NEXT'. This should take you to a credit card form. Finish this and soon after you should receive details of your booking in your email.Click on the below posters to be taken to each booking page.

Please note all TFi films are general admission seating (GA). Cinema doors will open 10mins before each scheduled film.

But what about if Wellington moves 'levels' again?

To easily accommodate the potential of a 'level' move all pre-sales with be limited to 100 tickets for Cinema 1 and 36 tickets for Cinema 2. This cap will be in place until Friday October 23rd and if Wellington is still in level-1 we will release the remaining seats for sale.

If we’re in Level-1, the cinemas will be available to seat to a sell-out.
If we’re in Level-2, ushers will direct you to a seat to ensure appropriate social distancing – starting at Row-F for Cinema 1 & Row-D for Cinema 2, and  then moving back & forward from there. Please be in your groups before heading into the cinema and sit where you are told to help the ushers correctly seat everyone safely.
If we’re Level-3 or 4 The Roxy will be closed, so we will look to postponing the festival to a later date. Refunds will be available if required.

Click on the posters below to be taken to booking pages


Terror-Fi 2020


Friday 30th Oct - 8:45pm
Sunday 1st Nov - 6:00pm


Thursday 29th Oct - 8:30pm
Saturday 31st Oct - 3:30pm


Saturday 31st Oct - 6:30pm


Saturday 31st Oct - 12:30pm


Monday 2nd Nov - 6:30pm


Friday 30th Oct - 9:00pm
Sunday 1st Nov - 3:45pm


Saturday 31st Oct - 10:00pm
Sunday 1st Nov - 6:15pm


Saturday 31st Oct - 8:00pm
Sunday 1st November 1:30pm


Friday 30th Oct - 6:30pm Q&A
Saturday 31st Oct - 3:45pm


Thursday 29th Oct - 8:45pm
Saturday 31st Oct - 5:45pm


Thursday 29th Oct - 6:30pm
Sunday 1st Nov - 4:00pm


Opening Night
Wednesday 28th Oct - 8:15pm


Closing Night
Sunday 1st Nov - 8:00pm


Free Screening
Sunday 1st Nov - 12:15pm