The Mind of David Lynch

The Roxy is proud to present for the first time here a mini-retrospective of some of David Lynch's finest work. 

A unique opportunity to (re)discover the oeuvre of one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. No other filmmaker knows how to slip into our subconscious with so much precision and imagination, and to present us with a world that is alienating and recognizable at the same time. His films form a mirror for our own, Lynchian inner world. They form the essence of cinema: the ability to dream collectively.

All tickets are sold separately at $15 per film and are available for purchase online and in-house. No unpaid bookings available. All session are General Admission seating and cinema doors open 15 minutes before each screening.

Film Schedule (all films play on a Sunday at 7:30pm)

THE ELEPHANT MAN - November 10th

DUNE - November 17th

BLUE VELVET - November 24th

LOST HIGHWAY - December 1st


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Helpful booking tips:
- After you select get to 'Personal Details' page click 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' this will take you back to the main page, but will hold that current ticket in the basket.
- Go into next LYNCH film you want to buy tickets for and do the same.
- Repeat until you have got tickets for each film then put in your personal details and click 'NEXT'. This should take you to a credit card form. Finish this and soon after you should receive details of your booking in your email.