Zombieland Double Feature

Ten years ago this blew the roof off at the 24hr Movie Marathon (can I get a Bill 'f**king' Murray in the house!) and ever since it's been at the top of the pack when folks talk about their favourite comedy/horrors.

Since DOUBLE TAP opens October 17th we wanted to give everyone a refresher heading into the opening night screening and rumour has it Part 1 will be playing on 35mm as well!

Since you will most likely be spending your entire evening at The Roxy we will have on sale between the films some Fancy Hot Dogs, Stinky Mac & Cheese as well as some Gourmet Twinkies.

6:00pm - Grand Lobby opens for food pre-sales
6:15pm - Cinema doors open
6:20pm - Themed pre-show
6:30pm - ZOMBIELAND starts
8:00pm - Intermission, food served in Grand Lobby
8:20pm - Cinema doors re-open for DOUBLE TAP
8:25pm - Themed pre-show
8:35pm - Intro and then straight into DOUBLE TAP

Click on the below posters to be taken to each booking page.
Helpful booking tips:
   - After you select get to 'Personal Details' page click 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' this will take you back to the main page, but will hold that current ticket in the basket.
  - Go into next ZOMBIELAND film you want to buy tickets for and do the same. 
   - Repeat until you have got tickets for each film then put in your personal details and click 'NEXT'. This should take you to a credit card form. Finish this and soon after you should receive details of your booking in your email.